Week 2 & 3 Recaps: Fall Cleanup & Halloween

This week was pretty easy. I mulched the leaves in the backyard (which just meant mowing over them with our electric mower), and it worked like a charm! The mower spit out chopped-up leaves back onto the grass, where they will decompose and become worm food.

We have one massive tree in the backyard and it still has a lot of leaves on it, so I’ll have to do it at least one more time. The rest will be raked and bagged. In the end, we’ll probably have under 10 bags of leaves to take to the yard waste site, which I’ll take along with our compost and our pumpkins from Halloween. It is super cool to think that all of it will turn back into dirt to be used to grow more vegetables, plants and grass next year!

The kids and I went and checked on our drain and removed any mud and leaves that were on it. We also got a guide in the mail with tips on how to keep it clear, and can go on the website twice a year to report how many pounds or gallons of debris we collected. To date, my city has collected and reported over 145,000 pounds!

Halloween also went pretty well. A lot of the candy the kids got from trick-or-treating is in foil-lined wrappers that I can recycle at my local TerraCycle drop-off, but there’s still a lot that will be garbage. I also pulled together an awesome costume (one of my best ever, if I do say so myself) by borrowing items from family and neighbors. Check out the results below!

In your eyes…

At Target today, we wandered into the holiday section where all of the remaining Halloween decorations and costumes were 50% off. There was a LOT left. It made me wonder: What happens to all the stuff that doesn’t sell?

That’s it for this recap. I’m pretty excited for next week’s challenge. And please keep sending me your ideas of what to tackle next!

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