Week 5 Recap: Bulk Shopping

Another successful challenge this week. I went to Tare Market with my containers, and it was so easy! First, I weighed my containers on the scale and wrote their weights on them. This is how the staff knows what weight to deduct from your purchase. If I use these containers again, that step will already be done.

The main thing I wanted to get was dishwasher detergent, but due to an ordering issue, they were out of it. I was disappointed, but decided to get some powdered laundry soap instead. I’ve only ever used liquid laundry detergent, which comes in a giant plastic container. So I’m looking forward to trying this, which takes only a tablespoon of detergent for a large load.

I looked around at what else they had a saw a lot of cool stuff: grind your own peanut and almond butter, coffee and tea, hand soap and shampoo, even ketchup and mustard! For dry foods, there were a lot of flours, grains, spices, nuts, snacks like chocolate and fig bars, dog treats and lots more. It’s not a place you can do all of your shopping, but is a great option for avoiding packaging on all sorts of products.

My bulk purchases from Tare Market

I ended up getting some salted cashews in my small mason jar, and some whole wheat noodles in my other container. As far as cost, everything did end up being a little more expensive than what I’d typically buy at Target. But you have to pay more for quality, and I am happy to support this local business and the environment at the same time.

This experience has also made me think more seriously about joining our local coop, something I’ve never seriously considered. Unlike Tare, the coop is a full grocery store with locally sourced produce, meats and frozen foods. It is also closer to our house. I just asked for a membership for Christmas, so if we get it, that will be just the boost we need to give it a try.

That’s it for this week! Next week’s challenge will be a bit more … personal. Any guesses what it will be?

As always, feel free to email me with ideas and questions at climate52challenge@gmail.com.

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