Week 6 Recap: Plastic-Free Periods

Another pain-free challenge in the books, and I’m starting to feel like a broken record. This wasn’t supposed to be easy. Am I not picking hard enough challenges? In a lot of cases, I am enhancing a habit I already have, or paying closer attention to it in an effort to be more deliberate. But other times, like this week, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. So why isn’t it harder?

Maybe it’s not that the challenges are too easy. Maybe it’s that the hardest part of creating any new habit is taking the first step. Take this week for example. It’s not like I had never heard of menstrual cups before. I had, but there wasn’t anyone or anything pushing me to try it. Now, thanks to this blog, there was.

Aside from one panicked moment when I thought it had fallen out (it hadn’t), switching to the Diva Cup was pretty seamless. I worked out, slept, showered and went about my life as usual without any issues. No leaks, no pain, and best of all, NO GARBAGE!

Now that I’m in the plastic-free period club, I may add some Thinx or other period underwear to the mix in the future. But for now, I am thrilled that I will never have to buy tampons ever again!

Of course, the Diva Cup is only one of many brands available. It was the only one sold at Walgreens, but if you like to shop around, there’s a handy online quiz that will tell you which cup is best for you based on your age, physical activity level, flow and other details. Take it here!

Going into next week, I’m not entirely sure what my challenge will be. It is Thanksgiving week, so I’m thinking about something Black Friday/holiday shopping-related, but am not sold on it yet, especially since I’ve already done some secondhand shopping and selling for this holiday season. But I will cover that at some point soon, if not this week.

Until then, leave a comment or email me at climate52challenge@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

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