Week 5 Recap: Bulk Shopping

Another successful challenge this week. I went to Tare Market with my containers, and it was so easy! First, I weighed my containers on the scale and wrote their weights on them. This is how the staff knows what weight to deduct from your purchase. If I use these containers again, that step will alreadyContinue reading “Week 5 Recap: Bulk Shopping”

Week 4 Recap: Civic Engagement

What a week! It’s not every election (and certainly not the one three years ago) that everyone and everything I vote for ends up winning. But that’s what happened this year. Without any formal way to predict the outcome, people were pretty on edge about how the trash referendum would pan out. The folks onContinue reading “Week 4 Recap: Civic Engagement”

Week 2 & 3 Recaps: Fall Cleanup & Halloween

This week was pretty easy. I mulched the leaves in the backyard (which just meant mowing over them with our electric mower), and it worked like a charm! The mower spit out chopped-up leaves back onto the grass, where they will decompose and become worm food. We have one massive tree in the backyard andContinue reading “Week 2 & 3 Recaps: Fall Cleanup & Halloween”

Week 1 Recap: Meat Free

By avoiding meat for one week, my husband and I saved: 8 animals 67 pounds of CO2 6,000 gallons of water –vegetariancalculator.com and peta.org You know the meatless movement has gone mainstream when it’s a topic on Oprah’s podcast (listen to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Oct. 16 episode). Despite any fears going into our meat-free week,Continue reading “Week 1 Recap: Meat Free”